Which direction is this Miami Dolphins season headed?

The point of Sunday’s game between the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders? Well, think of it as an unmasking of the Dolphins identity. Think of it as a game that could set the direction of what this season is about to become.

Think of it as a chance to learn if these Dolphins can do big things this year...

...Or learn if these Dolphins are going to do the same old disappointing things they’ve been doing for years.

“It’s only Week 3, but this is a big week for us and we need to find a way to come out with a win,” quarterback Ryan Tannehill says.

Tannehill doesn’t reveal the full scope of why there’s urgency within the organization to win this game.

“Because it’s the next one. It’s the next game,” Tannehill says, repeating an old cliche. “I know you hate that answer, but that’s what it is. It’s a home game and it’s an AFC opponent. We want to play well at home. We want to win at home. We have a big opportunity and we have to take advantage of it.”

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